Elise Finch Respiratory failure: What Truly Befell the Unmistakable Meteorologist?


Elise Finch, a climate forecaster from the US, worked for the CBS Station WCBS-television in New York for a long time. Initially from Mount Vernon, New York, she proceeded with her examinations at Georgetown College and afterward moved to Syracuse College to complete her certification. During her experience as an individual from the American Meteorological Society, Finch was perceived for her commitments to the area of meteorology and gotten a blessing from the association.

Elise Finch Heart Attack

The underlying reason for her demise is considered to have been a serious cardiovascular illness, perhaps a coronary episode or stroke, which prompted her dying. This is the end that has been arrived at by a few distinct sources. Those who were close to her think that the unexpected death she experienced may have been the result of either a stroke or a coronary heart attack of major magnitude.

Elise Finch Cause of Death

Elise Finch, 51, unfortunately passed on July 17, 2023, after over 16 years of administration as a meteorologist for the CBS New York station WCBS-television. However, her colleagues have suggested that her passing was unexpected. The specific justification for her demise has not yet been unveiled; be that as it may, her passing was startling. 

Those who knew all about her were shocked by her startling passing.  Her loved ones, her friends, and the people she came in contact with via her work held Finch in the highest regard and valued her tremendously.

Elise Finch’s Early Life

Elise Finch began her experience at Mount Vernon Secondary School. Later on, she chose to seek after her premium in meteorology and eventually procured a Four year certification in scientific studies certification in Air Science from Georgetown College while she was there. She sought after her schooling by procuring an Expert of Science certificate in Broadcast News-casting from Syracuse College after her scholarly accomplishments.

Elise Finch Career 

In April 2007, she started working as a meteorologist in the organization’s meteorological conditions unit, and she had previously worked in meteorology at NBC. Thereafter, Elise started serving as the host of the “Early Today Show” on both MSNBC and NBC Climate.

In addition, she has worked for some other media venues, one of which being the CBS station in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is recognized as the anchor of the last weather report of the week. 2007 marked the beginning of Finch’s career as a meteorologist, and he started working with the meteorological conditions unit of WCBS.

In addition, she worked as a meteorologist at NBC before transitioning to CBS. From that point on, she was also successful in securing a spot on the “Early Today Show” on both NBC Climate and MSNBC. In recognition of her efforts to tackle climate change, Elise has been awarded several awards, including nominations for an Emmy.

Despite this, Finch has worked for some different media sources, one of which is the CBS station in Phoenix, Arizona, where she filled in for the anchor for the end-of-week weather reports. In addition to that, she worked as an anchor and reporter for the FOX and CBS stations that were situated in Youngstown, Ohio.

The beginning of Elise’s professional life also began at E! Diversion TV, where she served as the display facilitator for a variety of unique activities and events. It is because of her remarkable approach to expressing climate forecasts that she is considered to be one of the most remarkable meteorologists.

Elise Finch Husband

Elise Finch’s spouse was a photographer called Graig Henriques. While they were both working at the same station, WCBS-TV, they had the opportunity to meet one another. A product of Syracuse University, Graig has worked in the news sector for more than twenty years and has obtained a degree in journalism.

‘Elise tied the knot with her soul mate, Graig Enriquez, whom she had connected with at CBS 2. They married over ten years ago in a gorgeous wedding ceremony,’ the obituary continued and added: ‘They had a beautiful daughter called Grace and we always appreciated the tales she would tell us about her great life as a mother. ‘In all honesty, every day was a wonderful day while we were with Elise, and we are going to miss her very much.

Moore stated the following on Twitter: “Elise was fiercely loyal to those she loved, a straight shooter, a consummate professional, and she made me laugh until I cried that she was a true professional. “Above all else, however, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her family, particularly to her daughter Grace. My dear buddy, I adore you so very much. Now, heaven is home to an angel that is unlike any other. Her unwavering commitment to the work was glaringly obvious every day, as Elise reported on every significant weather occurrence, many of which took place outside. 

Finch’s “great love for the entertainment industry,” the world of music, and the fact that she was a self-proclaimed “superfan” of Janet Jackson were some of the topics that were raised during their conversation.

Family Ties: Graig Henriques and Grace

Greg Henriques, Elise’s spouse, was a coworker of hers at WCBS-TV, where she worked professionally. The advent of their daughter, Grace Henriques, on November 23, 2016, brought about the blossoming of their love into a lovely family unit. Grace, who was just six years old at the time, became a living example of Elise’s lasting influence.


Elise Finch’s illustrious career, which was defined by awards and commitment, came to an untimely end, leaving her fans in a state of mourning. Elise’s influence on the fields of meteorology and journalism will continue to be ingrained in the memory of those who were influenced by her, even as her family endures this deep loss. The fact that she was awarded an Emmy and made contributions to the American Meteorological Society is evidence that she has devoted her whole life to the art and science of weather reporting. By paying tribute to her memory, we acknowledge the precarious nature of life and the immense impact that a magnificent meteorologist has had on the world.

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